E Line

Built on Elan’s legacy of performance-oriented boat building, the E Line guarantees high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising, both on deck and below. With a broad stern, chined hull, and twin rudders, experience control and stability even at high heel angles and speeds. These VOR70-inspired yachts, crafted in collaboration with Humphreys Yacht Design, now feature the most enhanced standard package on the market. Balancing high-performance sailing solutions with comfort-centric features, the E Line utilizes innovative VAIL technology for a tight, strong, and stable construction, ensuring safety at sea. The E Line seamlessly combines performance and comfort, delivering an exceptional sailing experience.

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As a boating expert since 1990, Nautika Centar Nava has decided to join forces with Elan Yachts. Renowned for precision, innovation, and excellence, Elan Yachts embody timeless design. Nava contributes with our dedicated support and expertise, so carefree ownership of your Elan Yacht is guaranteed.

NAUTIKA CENTAR NAVA Authorized Supreme Yachts Partner

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