GT Line

The Elan’s Grand Tourer yachts are luxurious performers. This line seamlessly blends luxury, quality, and comfort with speed and delight. Adaptable to various cruising styles, these yachts offer versatility for solo, couple, family, or group sailing. Fast and stable, GT sailboats deliver a thrilling but at the same time comfortable sailing experience. Precise control and impeccable handling combine to elevate your adventure on board. Enjoy the perfect fusion of luxury and performance—welcome to the Elan GT Line.

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As a boating expert since 1990, Nautika Centar Nava has decided to join forces with Elan Yachts. Renowned for precision, innovation, and excellence, Elan Yachts embody timeless design. Nava contributes with our dedicated support and expertise, so carefree ownership of your Elan Yacht is guaranteed.

NAUTIKA CENTAR NAVA Authorized Supreme Yachts Partner

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